How Binaural Beats Got My Sleep Back

by brainy on August 3, 2011

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Welcome, this is Katriona…

 Have you ever heard that binaural beats delta waves can help? Well…my story goes like this. I had troubles to get a good night’s sleep. I had restless nights where I tossed and turned, and felt exhausted the next morning.

You might ask yourself how sleep meditation has helped me in my personal life. I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation over a period of ten years, but owing to my daily work commitments, and the stress in my personal and family life, I did not experience the relaxation at the end of the day that I used to have when meditating.

binaural beats, binaural beat

Starting at the end of last year, I had numerous sleepless nights. I could fall asleep but after a couple of hours I woke up, was bright awake, and tossed and turned until dawn. All I wanted was a deep, restful sleep until the alarm clock rang. Quite by accident, I stumbled over a website informing about binaural beats while I was searching for ways how I can improve my meditation practice to overcome sleeplessness.

I learned TM in a Maharishi Centre in Europe, and for me, it has had some strict disciplines that I followed to achieve the desired relaxation and awareness. I was absolutely skeptical that delta waves will help me to fight insomnia that I dreaded so much. Nevertheless, the web page that I came across binaural sound tracks also offered free download music I could listen to, so I saved it on my computer thinking I had all to gain and nothing to lose.

Everything what happened after that is history now, and I’m very much into listening to binaural beats delta waves music every day to help me relieve stress, and to enhance my mental clarity, and awareness as well. The best about it is that I don’t worry anymore about getting a good night’s sleep. Listening to binaural beats delta waves greatly assisted me to return to my old, cherished sleeping patterns, and to nights of deep sleep.

It is one of the easiest and most unique ways to feel relaxed without practice.

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So, how could I fight insomnia with delta waves listening to binaural beats? Simply put, it is a technique that uses binaural beats to insure I got a good night’s rest. Our brain runs on different frequencies depending on what we are doing. Research showed that binaural beats are able to change our brain waves by stimulating the brain to produce delta brain waves bringing us into an extremely relaxed state. In this state we achieve a deep restful sleep.

How did I achieve this? Using this technique, I listened to a sound track of calming, relaxing music with stereo headphones. In the foreground, I listened to meditative music, and in the background there is a second layer of 2 sounds, one high and the other lower frequency. Evidently, the second layer tones stimulate the brain to produce the binaural beat response.

Scientifically spoken, binaural beats are the result of two different frequency tones which the listener experiences at the same time, each ear, one sound. Research and studies have shown that the diverse frequencies in the delta range have an effect on the sub-cortical auditory system in the brain, leading to mind states of deep relaxation, and peace. Owing to this extraordinary effect, I fought sleeplessness successfully with this technique merely by listening to binaural beats delta waves.

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Sleep Better with Binaural Sleep Music

by brainy on May 15, 2011

Stress, everyday problems, and sometimes even health conditions can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.  Family and friends will often tell you to go read a book or take a pill before going to bed. In my case, I suggest you try first binaural sleep music before you ask your doctor for a prescription.  Doing binaural beat sleep meditation is a better way of getting sleep because you do not have to worry about dependency over a medication just to get a good night’s rest. (see also Binaural Beats  & Lucid Dreaming Techniques: How to Gain Control over Your Dreams )

Understanding binaural sleep music

Binaural sleep music is the use of binaural beats to help calm your mind and relax your body.  Binaural beats mixed with soothing, calming music to help you achieve a state of mind that is perfect for sleeping.  Years of scientific research on binaural beats revealed that your brainwaves gradually attune themselves to the frequency generated by the sleep meditation music, slowly inducing sleep.

Like other sleep meditation techniques, you have to do a bit of preparation in order for you to appreciate binaural beats.  You have to clear your mind and relax yourself in order for your brain to be receptive to its effects.  Dim the lights of the room and relax your breathing.  Listen to the binaural sound with a set of stereo headphones and let the sleep meditation music soothe you.  Always make it a point to use headphones because hidden beneath that soothing music are two different frequencies for each hemisphere of your brain.  As you listen to the music, these subtle frequencies condition your brain until it reaches the alpha state that will give you a deep sense of calm and peacefulness.

Benefits of sleep music

Is binaural meditation good only for sleeping?  Well, better sleep is just ONE of the many meditation benefits you’ll get from using binaural beats.  Other benefits of sleep music include:


  • Increased energy during the day
  • Better concentration and focus
  • A clearer mind
  • Improved emotional control
  • Enhanced memory
  • Unleashed creativity


Guided imagery with binaural sleep music

Binaural sleep music can be mixed with other sleep meditation techniques such as guided imagery for faster results.  It is a form of guided meditation where you lead yourself to create mental images with the aim of helping your mind and body to relax.  Thoughts, ideas, tasks, and other personal issues can interfere with your mental imaging, but you can control them easily with the use of binaural mp3.  The relaxing images you create will depend on you, as a relaxing scene can be a traumatic vision for others.  The great thing about this sleep meditation technique is that you are the one to tell yourself what images you want to create.

Think of any scene or an experience that does not require much effort in creating.  Slowly guide yourself through your relaxing scene with your eyes closed, and let your mental images to relax your body and mind.  As you go from scene to scene, feel your muscles relax and your tension slowly ebb from your body.  Open your senses to every smell and texture you create and you’ll feel a sense of calmness and peacefulness envelope your body.  You will be telling your brain what to think, and it will tell your body to react accordingly as if you are actually experiencing your relaxing scene.

If you are having problems with this form of sleep meditation doing it yourself, there are sleep music meditation CDs with binaural mp3 created by professional therapists and hypnotists that will guide you through the meditation process. Using binaural beats, you’ll find that your brain will be slowly relaxed and those calming images will just flow one after the other. Eventually you’ll feel calm, relaxed, and better prepared for a good night’s sleep.



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Tibetan monks are known to achieve a higher set of consciousness through years and years of meditation, enabling them to utilize their full power of brain potential.  Because of this, they can change their brainwaves from beta to theta at will.  Binaural beats can do the same through brain wave entrainment without the need for you to practice rigid self-discipline or spend hours upon hours of deep meditation. (see also Binaural Beats & How to Astral Project )

What is brain wave entrainment?

Brain wave entrainment has been around for thousands of years, used primarily by shamans and chieftains of primitive tribes whenever they wish to have a state of enlightenment, when they wish to have a vision, or have a connection with the spiritual world.  Melinda Maxfield PhD revealed the secret behind this phenomenon when she conducted a research regarding the tribal rituals.  Drumbeats created in these rituals were documented at 4.5 beats per second, leading the listeners to a trance-like state or a mild Theta phase because the brain ‘followed’ what it heard.  This ability of the brain to mimic the rate of the beats is called frequency following.

brain wave entraiment, brainwave entrainment

By now, you must know that binaural beats contain two separate frequencies that target specific hemispheres of your brain.  As these separate frequencies run through your auditory system, your brainwaves will gradually adapt and harmonize with these frequencies, producing what’s called brain wave entrainment.  To fully understand entrainment picture two tuning forks, both having a frequency of 360 Hz.  Take one tuning fork, tap it, and bring it close to the undisturbed tuning fork.  Almost immediately, the other tuning fork will vibrate along with the other one because they share the same frequency.

How to use brain wave entrainment

How to increase brainpower with brain wave entrainment CDs is quite simple.  Simply play the CD and listen to it using stereo headphones.  Increase the volume of the music until you are able to hear distinctly the white noise in the background. Don’t go a higher volume as your ears can get uncomfortable due to the loud music.  Going lower than the suggested volume will not be good to stimulate latent power of the brain.  You must hear this white noise at the proper level for brain entrainment to occur.

The question most people ask once they wish to start with brain entrainment for unlocking their hidden power of brain is what time and under what circumstance should they listen to their binaural beats.  In my case, the more I listen to it, the more I get results.  You can listen to your binaural beats anytime, except when you are driving, flying an aircraft, or operating heavy machinery.  I listen to them for at least 10 minutes whenever I find myself having difficulty concentrating.  This preparation helps me achieve the right mindset for better focus and I find my problem-solving skills increase with time. If you are student preparing for a long night of studying, you can improve brainpower by listening to the tracks just before you read your notes.  Basing on personal experience, I noticed a significant increase in brainpower after 6-8 weeks of continued and habitual listening.

Brain wave entrainment benefits

Brain entrainment can do wonders when it comes to realizing full power of brain possibilities.  Entrainment can be used for many things such as managing depression, help you quit smoking, promote self-awareness, improve your sex life, self-hypnosis, regression, improve memory, and many more.  Others use this to help control and stop migraine, and it’s a better solution to insomnia compared to a sleeping pill.  You’ll also notice that you’ll be calmer, wiser, and your mind is more focused resulting to increased productivity at work, home and school.  Different brain wave entrainment CDs are available for different areas you wish to improve, enhance, or correct.  The more time you spend listening to them, the faster you’ll experience results.

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Binaural Mp3 Relaxing Music

by brainy on March 31, 2011

Are you having difficulty in having a lucid dream? This can be especially frustrating when you had it once and you cannot seem to repeat the exhilarating experience again. Listening to relaxing music can help you condition your brain in several ways for you to get that elusive lucid dream. (see also Binaural BeatsHow to Lucid Dream Effortlessly )

Experts in lucid dreaming know that listening to binaural relaxing music helps you achieve a state of mental clarity and open your mind to the possibility of attaining a lucid dream. What you must know is that binaural beats alone cannot help you achieve your goal. Think of binaural music as a catalyst, something that will help speed up the process of dream control.

relaxing music, relaxation music, binaural mp3

Easily achieve lucid dreaming with the help of binaural mp3 relaxing music

When you are to use your binaural relaxing music for lucid dreaming, make sure that you have your headset and mp3 player within easy reach. You have the option of listening to your binaural beat tracks before going to bed, or you can use it in along with Stephen Laberge’s MILD technique. In my case, I prefer to use it before I go to bed while doing some sleep meditation exercises.

How I lucid dream with binaural mp3 relaxing music

I wear my headphones the minute I find a comfortable position for sleeping. I let the binaural relaxing music play and practice some progressive relaxation exercises. I first start with my legs by tensing the muscles in my calves and gradually releasing the tension, making sure that I feel every sinew slowly relax. I then proceed with my stomach, my shoulders, and then my arms. I make it a point to let the music flow through me, letting it take hold of my consciousness and I do not let any thoughts interfere. The only thing I allow in my head is the repeated thought of having a lucid dream.

Once I feel all my muscles relax and all the tension leave my body, I now proceed to concentrate on my breathing while still letting the binaural beat mp3 do its work in my brain. I center my awareness on my stomach, feeling it rise and fall with every breath that I take. With each exhale, I let go of the worries, stress, and tension that I had for the day and I can feel myself gradually relax and fall into a lucid sleep.

The previous meditation techniques done with binaural beats mp3 does require some time; others do not bother with the technique especially after a long, stressful, and very tiring day. As previously mentioned, you can do the alternative by listening to your binaural relaxation music while using the MILD technique. Set up your alarm after your 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours and make sure that your mp3 player and headset are both within easy reach. When the alarm sound, sit up and do something that requires a bit of thinking for ten minutes like recalling and journaling what you dreamed about, or doing some light reading. Afterwards, take your headphones and listen to your binaural beats mp3 as you lie down and say to yourself ‘I’ll be lucid dreaming’ as you go to sleep.

How will you know that your binaural relaxing music is doing its work? You’ll gradually feel that your body is getting heavy and you feel very relaxed. As you go into a deeper sense of relaxation, you’ll then start to feel sleepy and experience a sense of weightlessness. Simply put, your brain is awake, but your body is asleep – just perfect for lucid dreaming. If you’re hesitant over buying a complete track, you can download free binaural beats for you to try at home. Always keep in mind to use your binaural mp3 relaxing music regularly with your mental preparation and you’ll be enjoying your lucid dreams soon enough.



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How to Astral Project Basics

by brainy on March 8, 2011

You’ll see many resources telling you how to astral project, and all that mind-boggling details can be daunting to a beginner. What you must know about astral projection is that it is a deeper level of lucid dreaming with an even higher degree of consciousness. Those who are able to astral project often refer to it as an out of body experience where their astral self is able to leave the physical confines of their bodies. (see also Binaural Beats )

You may have experienced such amazing phenomenon once or twice in your lifetime. It may have happened during a certain time when you are most relaxed, or during a time of severe stress of crisis. Believe it or not, you can repeat the experience once more, and even again at will. Do note that while you’re taking the time to learn astral projection, you should devote time and patience. Here’s what you need to do in order to astral project.

How to astral project tips for beginners wanting an out of body experience

Step One: Clear Your Mind and Relax

This is the first hurdle you must face when you learn how to astral project. Relaxation is something that most people take for granted whenever they try to have an out of body experience. You must clear your mind of any thoughts and allow your body to relax. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly a couple of times. As you are doing so, gradually release the tension from your body starting from your head, down to your toes.

Step Two: Go to a near-state of sleep.

With eyes closed, maintain your state of relaxation. You’ll then start to see images floating from your mind’s eye. This state is coined by Robert Monroe as condition A.î Continue watching these images but do not fall asleep or you’ll be lucid dreaming instead. Once you enter this hypnagogic state, all your senses will become numb. Because your mind is awake yet your body is asleep, you’ll experience what is called as sleep paralysis. Do not fight it, just let it take over. You’ll be hearing buzzing noises after a while, which for most people indicates the start of separation.

Astral projection, leave your body stay asleep Step Three: Control the vibration

One of the key notes to remember on how to astral project is controlling the vibrations. Once your mind has channeled enough energy, you’ll feel yourself vibrating or at least feel like electricity is going through you. Do not be afraid and do not abruptly let go. Controlling the vibration and your fear takes time, but eventually you’ll know how to. Astral project only when you are ready; you’ll know you are once you gain control over these vibrations.

Step Four: Promote Separation

It is time to promote the separation of your astral self from your physical self, now that you have mastered the first few steps on how to astral project. This takes a lot of energy and concentration, and it is important that you also control your fear. Do not think of anything other than the thought of separation. Think of yourself pulling on a rope suspended above you, or think of yourself floating from your body until you feel the sense of weightlessness.

Step Five: How to Astral Project

Your first astral projection should be first limited to your room. Since you are not yet able to control how your astral self moves, concentrate on touching your immediate surroundings first. As with lucid dreaming, concentrate on looking at your hands and maintain its form and focus. If you see your hands fading, that means you’re moving back to your physical self.

Astral projection for beginners can be challenging; some find that it can take months to years before they can master moving through the astral plane. If you find how to astral project difficult for you, consider applying the use of other resources. Listen to astral projection mp3 to help you achieve the right mindset before attempting these astral projection techniques.

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Lucid dreaming techniques will make you conscious of the fact that you are dreaming. Sometimes, along with that consciousness, you’ll find that you have some form of control over your dreams. It is not that difficult to have the experience of lucid dreaming. How to become aware of your dreams and be conscious of your actions within the dream can be done through the following steps. (see also Binaural Beats & How to Astral Project Basics )

 - Step one:
Prepare your state of mind for lucid dreaming. How to achieve awareness in a dream must be done with the right mental preparation. I find that the more I say to myself that I will dream before sleeping, the more I gain awareness over my dreams. And on the nights when I do not bother to do so, I just go to sleep and realize that I was dreaming when I wake up. Now that is not what we have in mind for lucid dreaming. How to become aware that you are dreaming while you are still in the dream is what we must achieve.

Lucid dreaming techniques – Step two:

Increase your dream recall. When you feel yourself waking up, do so slowly. Do not open your eyes, and do not even move. Try to recall your dreams by thinking of the events that happened last, similar to watching a movie while pressing the rewind button. If you cannot remember anymore, then this is the best time to shift positions. The brain is often jarred to remember parts of the dream when you go back to the sleeping position you were in while you were dreaming.

Lucid dreaming techniques, lucid dreaming – Step three:
Document your dreams: All lucid dreaming tips will tell you to always keep a dream journal right beside your bed. Do not do anything until you have written everything down. As you document your dreams, you’ll find that you have dreamed of the same thing for a couple of times. So, when you dream of the same thing again, you’ll know that you’re lucid dreaming. How to keep a dream journal is very personal and highly individualized. When you document your dreams in a journal or in a recording, always remember to use the present tense.

Lucid dreaming techniques – Step 4:

Keep track of the time. Studies show that the best time to have lucid dreams is to get a quick nap after waking up in the morning. On my case, I find that I have a better chance at lucid dreaming at the middle of my regular sleeping hours, or when I’m about to wake up in the morning. If you are not sure, you can try to set the hour for lucid dreaming. How to do so is described in Stephen Labelling’s MILD technique, or mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming.

Have your alarm wake you 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours after falling asleep.

When the alarm sounds, recall as much as you can about your dream

Once you feel satisfied with your dream recall, go back to sleep and say, “I’ll be aware that I’m in a dream”. Repeat until the thought sinks and go back to sleep.

- Step 5:
Always perform reality checks to help you differentiate between waking hours and lucid dreaming. Read the text and remember to read the same thing again. If the text becomes garbled, or if it simply changes in any form, then you’re lucid dreaming. Try flipping the light switch. If it does not work, then you’re lucid dreaming. A mirror is also a very common indication for lucid dreaming. When you look at the mirror and you see yourself in a different hairstyle, or in a body you’ve always dreamed of, chances are you are lucid dreaming.

These are just some of the lucid dreaming techniques you can use to achieve control over your dreams. You can also listen to lucid dreaming mp3s like binaural beats to help increase the success rate of lucid dreaming. How to lucid dream requires constant practice which will make you a better lucid dreamer in time.

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Delta Waves for An Overall Good Health

by brainy on March 19, 2010

In 1948, WHO described ‘health’ as the presence of a range of factors, and defined it the following, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Did you know that there is a program that helps you to be in the right mindset to carry you through? Are you interested to know how delta waves benefit your health using binaural beats? (see Binaural Beats also & Lucid Dreaming Techniques: How to Gain Control over Your Dreams )

Healthy eating routines, proper hygiene, and body exercise have been mentioned as the main ingredients to good health, however the main function of the body is to nourish the brain with blood, and oxygen. Sadly enough, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health was often disregarded when looking at healthy body maintenance.

Delta waves, delta wave, binaural How Delta Waves Benefit Your Health

In yesteryear, we assumed that everything is explainable resorting to natural sciences such as biology, physics, and chemistry. However, developments in recent times have shown that there are spheres outside of the evidence-based sciences that began to play a major role when looking at overall health.

A lot of people had to learn to live with the psychological pathology of their environment which can be immensely stressful. But how can a bodily healthy person live in emotionally damaging environment? Do you feel its time to be in control of your health, and give your body what it needs.

Delta waves brain entrainment

There are a number of ways to assist you to be in good health. Binaural beats work with delta waves frequencies that help with healing. Listening to relaxing music with delta background sounds will assist you to recover strained muscles, enabling you to bounce back quicker, and start to work out again. Also broken bones, and simple scrapes heal under the brain wave entrainment as cells regenerate quicker to get back to normal. Moreover, binaural beats give you an energy kick, so you can enjoy an active lifestyle with a lot of extra energy to work out.

Delta waves frequency is known to promote healthy cellular activity, and cell repair. DNA, the fundamental building block of our life, that is responsible for healthy cell divide, is often under attack. UV light, radiation, chemicals, depletion of the ozone layer, solar radiation, insufficient exercise, stress, and poor eating habits are often responsible for damages to the DNA when cells start to divide uncontrollably, and cause cancer, or other serious health problems.

Fortunately, nature is wise, and has given us two strands of DNA. If one of these strands is damaged, an information pathway opens up so that sister cells are called for duty that function as a ‘repair hangar’ for these cells. The human race would have not survived without this process. Body cell repair usually takes place when you sleep but what happens if your sleep is disrupted? Delta waves, for sure, can help.

Our daily worries often prevent us form getting the right type of deep sleep needed to assist the DNA repair process. We live in a world that gets more and more polluted, and carcinogenic, and our mind and body are steadily failing to cope with the onslaught. Consequently, it is not surprising that cancer is on the lane to overtake heart disease. Listening to delta waves can assist this repair process.

Using the delta brain wave entrainment program, your mind will experience an enhanced delta mind state where your body releases its powerful healing potential. In this state, the focus is on healing and maintaining your body, so you body becomes stronger and healthier. Delta waves are not only conducive to DNA repair but also to muscle recovery, and overall health.

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The Unexplainable Store has a full, delicious library of good stuff. I can listen to these recordings daily and never get sick of them. They will give you a free binaural beats mp3 download in the area of your choice. Just a taste, but that will be enough to get you to want to try more. So, you’ve heard me talk about The Unexplainable Store, and recommend them for their great service and top quality binaural beats. I know a lot of you out there have already tried them out, and are extremely satisfied with the results.

For those who aren’t so familiar with The Unexplainable Store binaural beats mp3 downloads:

This special store is an online shop that sells audio files called binaural beats that you download to your computer or mp3 player and that help you to sleep, relax, lose weight, enhance your memory etc. The store has been around for around 7 years so they are an established business although I had only just found them myself online when I was looking for ways to learn to relax and new easier ways to help me meditate. You can listen to them on your computer or download them to your MP3 player. They offer twenty-eight different recordings in mp3 format. Unlike most other sites, The Unexplainable Store offers all its recordings in a choice of three formats – binaural, monaural and isochronic.

The Unexplainable Store: Get your first binaural beats mp3 download for free

The people behind The Unexplainable Store create their very own recordings with frequencies that have been extensively researched by the Monroe Institution. I can tell you honestly though that I was extremely impressed with my results after using these recordings from them. The results are subtle, but they are definitely there, and they only get better as time goes on, and I use them more regularly.

While hypnosis can be very effective even without the use of a binaural beats mp3 download, with the use of them it is even more effective. Studies have actually proven (since brain waves can be detected and recorded) that the binaural beat frequency will cause the brainwave frequency to change to match the one being induced. This is brainwave entrainment, the coaxing of the brainwaves to a certain frequency by use of binaural beats. A binaural beat download can help you with it.

The brain balances the two and tunes into the frequency difference. Binaural beats recordings can put you right into an altered state of our choice. Please know that binaural beats for brain entrainment are tools, whether or not they are the tools for you, is entirely up to you. It’s actually a no-brainer as you don’t have to practice, or spend lots of money for it. You can use a chosen binaural beats mp3 download from the Unexplainable Store to achieve your personal brain entrainment goal.

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How to Lucid Dream Effortlessly

by brainy on March 12, 2010

While lucid dreaming you have access to all the information that your subconscious has stored throughout history. But the beauty with it is that you can let your subconscious process the information for you. If you are one of those who want to be aware of dreaming when you dream, then you can learn how to lucid dream while listening to music with binaural beats delta waves generated in the background.

Learning how to lucid dream can help you not only with leading your dreams in satisfying directions, enjoy fantastic adventures, and overcome nightmares, but it can be also a valuable tool for success in your waking life. Lucid dreamers can deliberately employ the natural creative potential of dreams for problem solving and artistic inspiration.

How to lucid dream to connect with your unconscious

The goal is to be aware mentally, but asleep physically, and to teach yourself to think about lucid dreams so often that eventually you dream about it naturally. In most of the more intense lucid dreams I’ve had, at the time of realization everything around me shifts to become crystal clear, sharper, and more vibrant in color and clarity. Things are jaw droppingly beautiful and detailed; you can become lost in the details around you.

There are some ways that help make lucid dreams more likely. Binaural beats sounds induce how to lucid dream through delta/theta mind states. In lucid dreams you can control each and every aspect of the dream from the kind of dream you want to the person or thing you want in the dream. At the start of the year I was questioning reality constantly, so I had many lucid dreams. It became a force of habit: in my dream world I would try pinching myself or reading signs to see if everything acted the same as in the real world.

However, it was not until 1959 at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University that an effective technique that teaches how to lucid dream was developed and the first systematic investigations involving several subjects took place. Better recall increases awareness of dreams in general; with limited dream recall, any lucid dreams you have can be forgotten entirely. To improve dream recall, some people keep a dream journal. Writing down any of your dreams might help you to remember them the moment you awake. While listening to binaural beat recordings, you can induce lucid dreaming, maintain and guide it. You don’t need extensive practice, and you’ll feel the effects in minutes.

Binaural beats help with how to lucid dream

Lucid dreams can be vivid rehearsals for waking life. But they can be just plain fun, too. They are completely psychological and not at all paranormal, although frequently reported as such. They are usually not hallucinations and a normal occurrence. I’ve had various lucid dreams when I was younger, but nothing like this for years.

There are high level lucid dreams and low level lucid dreams as well as many degrees or variation in between. At the lowest level, you may realize mid way through your dream that you are in the midst of a dream. Prolong lucid dreams by spinning your body in the dream (suspected of prolonging REM), and rubbing your hands (prevents you from feeling the sensation of lying in bed). Take care while spinning. I have lucid dreams from time to time. In some of the dreams, I’m running and when I jump and keep jumping, I keep getting higher in each jump.

However, although I’ve stopped actively pursuing them, I have had a few more spontaneous lucid dreams. It would seem that once you are aware that they are possible, that awareness alone can be enough to trigger a lucid dream.

Whether they are romantic encounters, dreams that furnish solutions to problems, or even lucid dreams, with time and effort, they can be evoked. Ancient civilizations were well aware of the potential of dream incubation. Both used advanced technology to help their users achieve lucid dreams.

In our society, dreams are often thought of as unimportant or as “pure nonsense” (Gackenbach, 1997). This stigma accompanies all types of dreams, including lucid dreams. There is a very small body of research that indicates the possible therapeutic uses of lucid dreaming. They were first clearly described by Aristotle (350 BC) in his treatise ‘On Dreams’. These findings should encourage you to learn how to lucid dream for your personal emotional benefit.

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Alpha Brain Waves

by brainy on March 12, 2010

Alpha brain waves occur when your mind is most efficient and relaxed, during the alpha mind state. Usually this occurs during the time between being awake and asleep, so it’s safe to say that every person experiences these waves for at least a brief moment before they fall asleep every night. Thus, alpha brain waves play an important role in deep meditation using binaural beats. But what happens if you chose to learn a meditation technique? (see Binaural Beats also & How to Lucid Dream Effortlessly )

How Alpha Brain Waves Induce Deep Meditation

As most of us aren’t aware of the different brain wave states, we also don’t have control over how to be in an alpha mind state. One way of reaching this mind state is to learn a form of meditation, to be able to focus, so the brain generates alpha waves.

Controlling this kind of effectiveness in the brain, you can easily accomplish tasks at work or school, and it helps you to deal with stressful life situations. As you already know, stress can, not only, ruin your career but also your relationships with people that you care for. Moreover, there is a lot of evidence that it shortens the average adult’s life. Consequently, deciding to learn how to manage your stress levels by achieving alpha mind states is essential for you to live a long, healthy life.

Either you can learn a meditation of your choice for your brain to produce alpha brain waves, or you can download binaural beats music with embedded alpha waves on your mp3 player to achieve the same results, but much faster.

If you chose to learn a specific meditation technique, I can say that it is easy and safe for anybody to do so. I learned Transcendental Meditation that is, for instance, recognized by Dutch health insurers to be beneficial to overall health, for this reason they offer reduced premiums for those who practice it.

It depends on your meditation practice how often you meditate during the week to decrease stress levels, and get greater control of your mind. It can be as light or intense as you chose. However, binaural beats alpha brain waves music helps you to induce deep meditation without practice because your brain is stimulated by the right waves via the earphones.

Alpha brain waves, alpha waves

Alpha brain waves for deep meditation with binaural beats has been used for well over a hundred years. Their beneficial effects on the body’s chemistry have been the subject of many university studies and have been thoroughly researched and documented. The research into binaural beats has shown that they are auditory brain stem responses. These brain stem responses originate from both the left and right side of the brain. This soothing meditation relieves stress and tension and improves your overall mental functioning.

Alpha is a very receptive, absorbent mental state and can be used for effective self-hypnosis, reprogramming the unconscious, accelerated learning and more. When you spend more time in Alpha state, you will find it easier to tap into your higher levels of creativity and expression. Alpha brain waves are the most apparent brainwave state encountered during hypnosis and when we experience this state, we are extremely susceptible to suggestion. This is the state that you enter during hypnosis. Alpha-theta brainwave training has also been used successfully for the treatment of addictions.

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